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HPE Trade-In Program - how circular economy pays off

Let us help you put older equipment to good use by extracting value from it to go towards the purchase of your new HPE solutions.

We are pleased to offer our customers an attractive refund for existing legacy IT hardware when purchasing new HPE products of same category type.

We are committed to helping our customers recycle responsibly and securely. Our programs give IT hardware, such as servers, storage and networking products, a new lease on life, reducing environmental impacts from disposal and contributing to the circular economy. Where products are not suitable for reuse like disk drives, these are shredded and put through a metal-recovery smelting process to recover material that can be used to manufacture new products. For more information on HPE recycling please click here.

HPE Storage Trade-Up Advantage and Lose Your Storage Blues

Promotion End: 4/30/2023
Special trade-up offer with purchase of HPE Primary Storage replacing HPE or Competitor Primary Storage, increased benefits for Alletra replacing competitors equipment. See program start page for more information.
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