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HPE Superdome Trade-Up Program for the US

If you are a U.S based Commercial Business customer with the enlisted qualifying servers to Trade-Up we will offer you up to $2,000 Trade-Up amount depending on the Trade-Up manufacturer (either HPE or Competitor/non-HPE) toward the purchase of HPE Superdome or HPE Apollo. Also, we will offer free shipping, handling and recycling when you purchase qualifying new enlisted HPE Superdome or HPE Apollo. The trade- in ratio shall be one (1) Trade-Up qualified server to one (1) HPE Superdome or HPE Apollo. The maximum cash-back per claim is USD $40,000.

Purchase your new HPE Superdome or HPE Apollo unit(s) from November 1, 2021 to July 31, 2022 (both days inclusive) either direct from HPE or through an authorized HPE reseller or lease it through HPE Financial Services. HPE authorized resellers may file a claim, but it must be made on behalf of their end-user and will require a Transfer of Ownership document signed by the end-user to be included with the claim information. This document needs to be uploaded along with the purchase Invoice as the first step of the claim process.
List of Qualified HPE Servers for Purchase under the program:
  • HPE (DL560, DL580, CS500, CS900)
  • Competitor non-HPE server with a minimum of four (4) sockets
  • HPE Apollo

List of Qualified HPE Superdome for Purchase under the program:
  • HPE Superdome Flex
  • HPE Superdome Flex 280

Trade-Up Amounts
Trade-Up ManufacturerNew HPE Server -
HPE Superdome
New HPE Server -
HPE Apollo
New HPE Server -
HPE Converged System
New HPE Server -
HPE HPE ProLiant

Trade-Up Process Steps

  1. Complete the online request form if your request for quote is less than five (5) servers. To request a quote for five (5) or more servers, please contact Customer Service.
  2. If your request will require a pickup at more than one location, you will need to enter a separate claim for each pickup location.
  3. The purchase invoice that is submitted under the program for verification must contain the following items: name and address of the end-user customer, name and address of HPE Channel Partner (if not purchased directly from HPE), model and serial number of the qualifying new HPE units.
  4. In order to be eligible for the HPE Superdome Trade-Up Program, the End-User must purchase qualifying new HPE Superdome or HPE Apollo unit within 90 days before the date of this quote. If you have not purchased your new HPE Superdome or HPE Apollo unit, you may investigate the potential Trade-Up amount by sending the Trade-Up and HPE Superdome or HPE Apollo information to Customer Service.
  5. To submit a claim, select “Start the Trade-Up process” button below and complete the online process.
  6. You will be sent a Registration Confirmation email. Your request will then be reviewed and Trade-Up amount determined.
  7. If approved, you will be sent a registration approval email which will provide your Trade-Up amount. Also, you will be given a link to accept your Trade-Up amount, verify your pickup address, and confirm the mailing address for the check.
  8. Once you’ve finished the online registration process, you will be sent a confirmation email. The claim number listed in this confirmation email will now identify your claim thru the rest of the process.
  9. Next, you will be sent a Collection of Trade-Up Equipment email which contains an Excel file. Please complete the Excel file with information about the pickup details of your Trade-Up unit(s) and email back to us.
  10. Your pickup information will be forwarded to our logistics team and a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)# assigned to your pickup request.
  11. The carrier assigned to your pickup request will work with the site contact to setup a pickup date and time. The pickup of the Trade-Up unit(s) must take place within ninety (90) days of the Trade-Up quote mentioned in the invoice.
  12. Once the Trade-Up unit(s) have been received, payment will be issued via Trade-Up cashback check within 45 days.
  13. As this is a Program for Commercial Business customers (not individual consumers), all payments must be made to a Company and not an individual.

Start the Trade-Up process

For complete details and requirements, see the HPE Superdome Trade-Up Program Terms & Conditions.

HPE MCS Trade-UP Program

Promotion End: 7/31/2023
Upgrade your MCS Infrastructure with HPE Superdome 280X.
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