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HPE Aruba Networking
Data Center Networking CX Switch Trade-Up Program

Promotion End: 10/31/2024
Refresh and recycle your aging network infrastructure while putting it to good use towards the purchase of new HPE Aruba Networking data center switches.

HPE Storage Trade-Up Advantage+

Promotion End: 10/31/2024
Special trade-up offer with purchase of HPE Primary Storage (Alletra, Alletra dHCI & Primera) replacing HPE or Competitor Primary Storage. Increased benefits for replacing competitor equipment. See program start page for more information.

HPE HPCAI Trade-UP Program

Promotion End: 10/31/2024
Upgrade your HPCAI infrastructure with HPE Apollo Gen10 Plus.

HPE Compute Trade-Up Program

Promotion End: 10/31/2024
Double refund when returning non-HPE branded servers, see program start page for more information.

Increase rebate amount when you include HPE GreenLake Compute Ops Manager with Proliant Configuration.
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